• However What’s The Point?

    Should you thought Muzak, the “elevator music” we liked to hate, was a thing of the past, suppose again. Okay … technically, Muzak as a company is gone; it was acquired in 2011 for $345 million by a Texas firm known as Mood Media. But its focus stays as strong as ever. Why? Because that

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  • Who Owns The SeRP?

    The PTG begins building a SeRP by looking out Mahalo’s Most Wished page to seek out a topic. A number of the subjects on probably the most Wished page come from consumer requests or threads on Mahalo’s message board. Others are gaps in Mahalo’s coverage or breaking information stories. Mahalo divides essentially the most Wanted

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  • And If You’re Shy?

    If you are searching for upbeat and intense, look for Zumba, belly dancing, swing or salsa dancing courses. Zumba, for instance, is a workout carried out to a Latin beat (though some classes will have you ever sweating to hip-hop and other energetic music). It combines calorie-burning cardio with a core muscle workout and interval

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