• If ’70s Bands Had Long Hair

    “Ladies and gentlemen, rock and roll.” Those words, spoken by co-creator John Lack, marked the start of MTV: Music Television on Gumroad Aug. 1, 1981. The cable community’s music-oriented programming featured information and music videos hosted by “video jockeys,” or VJs, who promised viewers, “you may by no means have a look at music the same means again.” They had been right. The music industry quickly realized the promotional potential of music movies and started pouring money into their manufacturing. This focus was evidenced by Michael Jackson’s 1983 video “Thriller,” a 14-minute function directed by John Landis that included a storyline, dialogue and visitor appearances.

    Exercising vigorously right earlier than bed or within about three hours of your bedtime can truly make it tougher to fall asleep. This surprises many people; it is usually thought that a superb workout earlier than mattress helps you feel more tired. In actuality, vigorous exercise proper before bed stimulates your coronary heart, brain and muscles — the alternative of what you want at bedtime. It also raises your physique temperature proper before bed, which, you will soon uncover, is just not what you want.

    Enacted in 1978, the International Intelligence Surveillance Act was largely designed to make sure that NSA and different federal intelligence businesses could not monitor American citizens’ electronic communications without first obtaining a warrant based on possible trigger. The act also created an unbiased Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court made up of federal judges tasked with reviewing warrant applications [sources: Greenwald, Federal Judicial Heart].

    When you moved into a brand new neighborhood only to find that it was plagued by smelly smoke from a close by manufacturing facility, you would possible be annoyed or angry at first. But after several weeks, you in all probability would not discover it as a lot. You’d become conditioned to the scent although it might not be terribly wholesome for you.

    There are many other methods for setting spending targets, too. For example, CNBC columnist Carmen Wong Ulrich advises spending 30 % of revenue on housing, 18 percent on transportation, 10 percent on debt discount, 14 percent for food, 7 percent for utilities, 10 p.c for savings and eleven p.c for the whole lot else, from clothes to charity donations [supply: Ulrich].

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